Toongabbie Studio Apartment Duplex

Our team played a pivotal role in fabricating and installating Aluminium Balustrades on this multi-story studio apartment duplex in Toongabie. The Aluminimum Balustrades are virtually maintenance-free and have long-lasting durability in outdoor conditions. In addition to enhancing the building’s aesthetics, this installation also added value to the property. 

The balustrades clearly define the apartment’s boundaries, which contributes to a more secure environment for its occupants. Our team is proud of the successful outcome of this project and confident that our clients will find the new railings to be a great asset to their property.

Rosebay luxury home

We are proud to show off our versatility in this Harbour front Luxury Home located in the hills of Rosebay. All aspects of this project, from design to installation were carefully planned and executed to perfectly complement the style and architecture of the home.

The glass balustrades acts as an elegant and functional safety barrier without disrupting the open view of the iconic Sydney Harbour. The custom privacy screens adds an extra layer of privacy and style to the home’s outdoor spaces while still allowing for natural light to filter through. While the custom gates offers exceptional privacy and a premium look for both functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Every detail was carefully considered in the design and installation process, resulting in a seamless and cohesive finished project. These custom screens, handrails and balustrades enhance the overall beauty and value of the home and are sure to impress anyone who visits.

Mater Maria Catholic College

The aim of this project was to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the college’s premises, particularly in areas surrounding staircases, walkways, and balconies. The balustrades and handrails are made of high-quality Mild Steel materials, which are known for their durability, resistance to rusting, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The installation work was done by an experienced team of professionals who ensured that the balustrades and handrails were installed accurately, securely, and in compliance with the relevant safety standards. The completed project has significantly enhanced the safety of the college students while creating a beautiful and modern look. 

UNSW Sydney Creative Robotics Labs

This project involved a custom semi-framed glass balustrade design with a stainless steel handrail. The balustrade was installed using high-quality tempered glass with a thickness of 10mm & marine grade 316 stainless steel for durability and strength. Special care was taken to ensure that all safety regulations and building codes were adhered to throughout the project. The finished project creates a sleek and modern touch to the university campus and invites creativty in students.